Presented by His Will First, Inc.

The Revelation Experience

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What is the Revelation Experience?

An Interactive, Immersive Spiritual (Faith-Based) Adventure

Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality


Music, Animation, CGI,
& More

The Revelation Experience will use immersive, interactive technologies to present the Greatest Stories Ever Told – The Bible.

With state-of-the-art tools such as; Augmented Reality, Holography, Video, Music, Animation, CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery), and Virtual Reality the Experience will be presented in ways never before used in this underserved space.

We will be able to captivate the audience and bring them into the story through the magic of a virtual world.

The Revelation Experience will bring people of faith from all walks of life, all ages, and all creeds together.

The audience will be taken to a time and place they have only imagined.

The Revelation Experience will bring people of faith from all walks of life, all ages, and all creeds together.

The audience will be taken to a time and place they have only imagined.

  • Interactive Experiences 70% 70%
  • Computer Generated Content 90% 90%
  • Available Through Streaming On All Platforms 80% 80%

The Revelation Experience

Presented by His Will First, Inc.

An interactive experience where stories we’ve only imagined are brought to life through new and innovative technologies. This content will engage all the senses, including visual and auditory. The viewer will be transported to a time and place that has only existed in their imaginations. The experience will also be available via streaming on all available platforms.

Phase 1

The First Inspirational, Spiritual Streaming Service in the World groundbreaking production and distribution of inspirational stories from the Bible.
The Greatest Stories Ever Told, presented as interactive, immersive experiences that will entertain and inspire people of all ages and from every walk of life.

The Stories

Every story will be presented in a format that will enhance The Revelation Experience message. The user will be inspired and entertained through technologies never used in the telling of stories from the Bible and other inspirational sources.

Noah and the Great Flood

Utilizing holography, virtual reality, and augmented reality with narration and music, we will demonstrate how The Revelation Experience will change, evolve, and morph with each story.

The recounting of Noah’s journey will expose the audience to the magic and mystery only possible with our new use of technology and imagination.

Moses on the Mountain

“When God finished speaking to Moses on Mount Sinai, he gave him two tablets of stone inscribed by the very finger of God. The tablets contained the Ten Commandments.”

The Birth of Jesus

For this beautiful story that the whole world knows, we will utilize all our technologies to immerse our audience in the story of Mary and Joseph’s journey, the birth of Jesus, and the visit from the Three Wise Men.

Broadcast & Streaming Services

Broadcast & Streaming Services

Phase 2

The Revelation Complex

The  Second  Phase in the development of the Revelation Experience will be  the real-world centerpiece to be known as The Revelation Complex – a premier destination for people of faith.

The Bible Museum

The Bible Museum will present extraordinary, technologically advanced exhibits. This will be the main attraction of The Revelation Complex. It will be surrounded by 66 ancillary locations providing products, services, and spiritual experiences for the guests of the complex.

The Bible Museum Exhibits

The Bible Museum will showcase God’s Word through exhibits that push the limits of technology and imagination.

House of Worship

The Revelation Complex will have a House of Worship for weddings, baptisms, prayers,  devotions and the ministering of spiritual needs.

Some of the locations surrounding the museum will include:



Spiritual Cafes

Five-star Hotels



Broadcast & Streaming Facilities

Technology-driven Event Area

Fitness Center

Conference Centers

Youth Center


Campgrounds and Retreat Facilities

Diana Carr, Founder

Diana Carr has spent her life as a successful businesswoman, entrepreneur and mother. But it wasn’t until recently, when she received divine inspiration, that she realized her true calling – the founding and mission of His Will First, to share faith and spirituality among all people of the world in ways never before used. It is to this purpose that she has dedicated her life. She is a woman who does not know the meaning of failure.